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Post by GMPoint on Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:05 pm

Lets keep this simple.

We want a fun and happy serv,and that means be nice to each other and use comon sence.

Named bosses and bosses who make chest's spawn is for the pty who killed the boss,no one else.
If reported this can result in bann.

Other then that its NO KS'ing allowed on mobs and quester's who say they are there for the quest bosses SHALL be lett in to get their quest done...

Language as swearing and name calling,can also resoult in bann,and harrasment continualy will resoult in perma bann
Following ppl and ksing their pull is considerd harrasment and will be taken seriusly...

In the end we are all here to have fun,so be nice and play for fun.. after all it is a game

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